Financial Risk Management

Today's financial and trading markets around the globe are faced with challenging economic conditions. In our efforts to adapt and keep up with the times, we have introduced a new portal to our clients known as Financial Risk Management (FRM).

This portal forms part of our customer offering and takes the form of off-balance-sheet stock supply chain management.

FRM offers our clients:

  • Trade finance for imported goods
  • Complete supply chain management from cradle to grave
  • Total risk management
  • Off-balance-sheet stock management
  • Improved trading cash flows

Effectively, clients are able to negotiate pricing and volumes. We take it from there - putting up the finance needed for purchase, the shipping, clearing & forwarding, warehousing & transport and even live vehicle tracking. Clients can get their stock as and when required in local currency. Transfer of risk only takes place on delivery - as per the agreed hand over terms and conditions.

This is an all-in-one, tailored supply-chain solution.