Our People and Principles

Neither ships, trains, planes, nor trucks move cargo - people do!

At Monteagle Logistics we not only acknowledge this, we live it.


Our people are truly our biggest asset. It is imperative that they love what they do. Going in to work everyday with passion and the will to ensure that we are truly the "Source of your Success" is what our teams are about.

All members of the Monteagle family understand that the success and failures of the business and thus, their families, is directly linked to the success and failures of our valued customers' business. Therefore, in everything we do, we do it as if we were doing it for ourselves. We train, motivate and empower our people to believe in and back themselves. This means a can-do attitude, service oriented mindset and the willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Within our people the understanding of solutions - and not problems -  is evoked on a daily basis.

This training, guidance and drive from the top to the bottom is reinforced in our group principles:

Customers: The #1 reason we exist.
Suppliers: Without whom we would not have a business.
Ownership: The buck stops with the person who takes the call.
Speed: Tomorrow is not acceptable.
Integrity: Our reputation is built on it, and we value it.
Family & fun

We have a dedicated team that values joint process improvement, operational efficiency and customer service.