Warehouse Facilities:

We have excellent loading and unloading yard space as well as 10 dock levellers to de-stuff containers and unload palletised freight, allowing us to quickly check in inventory (palletise if necessary) and locate in our food-grade approved warehouses.

Once the product has been allocated, the information is entered onto our web-based warehouse management system and orders are then processed. We have state of the art scanners which assist in the smooth running of our warehouse.

  • 18 500m2
  • 8km from DCT
  • General cargo
  • Project cargo
  • Food grade/FMCG
  • NRCS/Port Health/State Vet/Dept of Agriculture
  • Dock levellers - pack & unpack containers
  • Under cover loading facility
  • Local, long distance & cross border transport


Warehousing Services:

  • De-stuffing and stuffing of import/export containers
  • Managing all port authority checks on sight, such as NRCS, Port
  • Health & State Vet
  • Loading and unloading of road trailers
  • Loading and securing cargo in export containers
  • Palletising of loose cartons, bags, etc
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Relabelling
  • QC checking
  • Pick and pack operations
  • Pallet and full load distribution service

Expertise in handling all types of cargo including cartons, bags, bales, drums, crates, long lengths, vehicles, etc.