Food-Grade Approved Warehouses Food-Grade Approved Warehouses
23 000m2 under roof
10 000m2 yard area
23 000m2 under roof
10 000m2 yard area
Distance from Port: 560m as the crow flies Distance from Port: 560m as the crow flies

About Us

We Constantly Challenge Ourselves

We are not your traditional 3PL, we started as transporters and custodian of goods and evolved over nearly two decades by offering bespoke end-to-end Supply Chain Solutions .

Our spirit is entrepreneurial and our discipline is corporate.

We ally with our clients to identify and unlock practical, sustainable innovative and result driven solutions to achieve the mutual “win-space”.

We embrace change, challenges and diversified opportunities.

Supply Chains are consistently evolving, we interrogate, fail fast, learn and innovate to be able to offer our partners the perfect balance of quality, service and cost. We like to keep it real and simple.

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Our Story

Riding the Ripples of Change

Evolution is key in each of our successes.

Since 2010 our name changed from MGI Logistics (as it was founded nearly 2 decades ago by Murray and Melanie) to Monteagle Logistics Ltd becoming a truly international company (yet remaining proudly South African).

From trucking and warehousing we rode the ripples of change adding products and services as our business model evolved and our customers sought a more integrated strategic approach.

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Our Culture

Can Do = Will Do

Our constant focus on innovations sees us researching, developing and implementing best practices continually, to drive the industry, and you, forward.

Our building blocks are integrity, hard work, quality, accountability and fairness, but ultimately we are an outcome based solutions driven company. The result is that we thoughtfully prioritize, boldly experiment and prudently balance your needs.

We are different. We are brave. We are ready to go further and do more. And we are here to do it for you.

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Our People

We Are the Sum of All of Our Parts

We create a passionate, exciting, inspiring environment. One people (our people) want to be part of.

We care about everyone that we work with, and for, building partnerships, complementing each other strengths, and developing talent.

We treat each other with respect, honesty and fairness.

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Products & Services

End-to-end Solutions

Over the years we have acquired a granular understanding of managing high volume goods.

We have an intrinsic knowledge and skill-sets in handling FMCG goods. The accuracy and finesse needed in handling FMCG has been cross-pollinated to the various other commodities that we have the privilege to manage in and out of Africa.

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Contract Logistics

Flexible Warehousing Solutions

Did you know that our flagship world class warehouse is situated just 620m as the crow flies from Durban Harbour. The space comprises of >23 000m2 under roof and 10 000m2 yard area.

We are PPECB, DAAF, NRCS, State Vet and Plant approved. We have a Customs Controlled Area and passed the eThekwini Code of Acceptability.

We offer specialized handling and container staging, cross-docking, cross border, inventory stocking and storage, fulfilment, pick and pack, racking, block stacking, inventory management, project management, customised VAS. Our WMS allows for easy integration with other hosts systems.

Some of our offsite warehouses specialize in bulk minerals and timber.

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Flexibility, Adaptability and Compliance

We manage primary distribution efficiently, effectively and impressively.

We move FMCG-frozen, chilled and ambient, wet and dry bulk cargo and project cargo and have also pioneered specialized solutions for minerals.

Our team of controllers, whose slogan is “Possibilities in Every Direction”, manage in excess of 3000 loads per month, nationally and over border. A figure that it is sure to increase even further as we continue to innovate new and improved ways of moving you forward.

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Forwarding and Customs Brokerage

Here to There

These 3 words form an accurate summary of our approach to customs brokerage, and they should make you feel every confidence in our ability to execute such.

No two jobs, or clients, are the same, but our experienced team have the knowledge, passion and commitment to adjust to your needs and move assets from and to anywhere in the world, all while offering significant value in cost and risk management.

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Why Us

Because we have a LOGISTICS MOMENT 24/7, because we are cognisant that Supply Chain is not a Chain at all but a complicated web of relationships between demand and supply.

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